Cold room

Model Chambre froide

Available lengths5′, 6′

Temperature-21°C to 4°C (-6°F to 39°F) (programmable)

Compressor typeIntegrated

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This mobile cold room is a ready-to-use product that’s quick and easy to install. It features 4 rows of adjustable shelves to give your storage space greater flexibility. Depending on your needs, the equipment can be set to two temperatures (refrigerated or frozen), making it ideal for your restaurant, specialty store or grocery store. Initially designed to provide storage space for pre-prepared online orders from our customers in the food industry, the ISF is a less expensive and simpler alternative to the installation of a fixed cold room.


  • Interior finish : galvanized
  • Exterior finish : white
  • Shelves: 4 adjustable rows
  • Electric defrost
  • 2 glass doors with anti-fog
  • 7-day programmable switch (Lighting)
  • Evaporation pump
  • Temperature controller
  • LED lighted cabinet
  • Hinged glass loading doors


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