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Vast inventory of parts for all brands of display cases

Parts sales and repairs

We offer a vast inventory of parts, available in many colors, models and sizes, such as electrical parts, shelves, lighting, defrosting elements, honeycombs, etc. Our products are compatible with all brands of display cases.

Our on-road technicians are available to replace your parts and repair your displays.

  • Shelves

We offer a shelf replacement service for your refrigerated display cases. We sell and install shelves adapted to your refrigerated display cases and to the lighting system already integrated.

  • Bottom pan and product stops

Complementing the shelves, we also have bottom pan and product stops that will give your refrigerated display cases an up-to-date look.

  • LED conversion

If your current display cases are equipped with fluorescent lamps, we offer to sell, install and replace them with energy-efficient LEDs. This will not only modernize the visual appearance of your existing display cases, but also save you a lot of energy.

  • Night curtains

We offer the sale and installation of night curtains for display cases that don’t have them. Night curtains enable refrigerated cases to maintain a stable temperature, reducing temperature variations and saving energy. You will also see a reduction in labor hours, since you won’t have to take all the food out of the display case at night.

To get the best expertise and the widest choice of parts quickly, contact us!