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Reconditioning and refurbishing

Give your equipment a second wind


Your display cases are outdated, but still functional? We offer an in-store refacing service, which consists of replacing visible parts of your refrigerated display case to refresh its look, without changing the mechanical structure.

We custom-make all the coverings required for this aesthetic upgrade (canopy, handrails, front panels, bumpers and toe plates).


Capping is much more economical than buying a new refrigerated display case.


Avoid changing a display case that is still functional, and give it a second life instead.

Modern look

This new look will have a major impact on your customers’ in-store experience.

on site or in the factory

Our team is committed to making reconditioning as simple as possible. This means we offer two options: on-site or factory reconditioning.

Our team will go to your store to proceed with the capping of your current display cases, without having to unplug. This makeover will quickly change the look of your space without having to buy new equipment.

The work done at Dauphinais is more in-depth. We’ll have your existing display cases delivered to the factory, which means high-quality work to restore your older but still functional equipment.

Work completed during factory refurbishment

Here’s an example of the work involved in a factory refurbishment of refrigerated display cases.

These elements ensure the longevity of your products and give your space a more modern look.

Interior and exterior painting

A fresh coat of paint is a simple job to bring a faded refrigerated display case back to life.

Parts replacement

Whether it’s a broken or worn part, or simply a request for a specific change on your side, we’ve got the parts you need to keep your equipment at its best.

Structural repairs

When the structure of your unit is compromised, we make sure the necessary repairs are carried out to solidify it.

Evaporator coil

A micron test will be carried out on the evaporator coil to ensure that there are no leaks or moisture in it. It will also be pressurized to 350 lbs.

Bottom pan

We inspect the display case pan to ensure optimum sealing.

Electrical testing

To ensure equipment conformity ( respect of electrical protocols), we carry out all necessary electrical tests to detect any electrical anomalies.

Interested in refurbishment?

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