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Areco’s fogging technology preserves the freshness and organoleptic properties of food. This means you can preserve the freshness and organoleptic properties of your food longer, and reduce waste. Its continuous cold-steam system ensures better control of humidity and food homogeneity.

Reducing food waste

The fogging system increases the shelf life of fresh food, which in turn leads to a significant reduction in in-store losses.

Increase in profits

The less waste and the better condition the product is in, the more attractive it is and the more likely it is to sell. You’ll see your sales increase with this new technology.

Enhancing the value of departments

Products emphasized by fogging create an enhanced aesthetic effect and a much more pleasant experience for customers.

How it works

Details of the different aspects of the technology

This technology uses a water filtration system to produce a fine mist of filtered, chemical-free water, created by ultrasonic vibrations. This cool mist ensures a fresh, moist environment that is optimal for preserving products, making them more attractive to consumers.

The benefits of nebulization

Areco’s fogging technology guarantees abundant humidity to reduce dehydration of refrigerated products, health safety due to a complete, standards-compliant filtration system, reduced working hours, energy savings, customer satisfaction and increased sales as a result of the WOW effect of fogging.

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