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Green solutions

innovative and energy-efficient products

In order to meet and exceed current market demands, Dauphinais also offers products form other wold-renowned partners such as JBG2, Areco and Novum. These innovative products offer a sleek, modern design to enhance your products, are energy-efficient and quiet, and improve the lifespan of your products.


Our commitment to the environment means we can offer you an innovative, sustainable solutions that will effectively reduce your environmental impact. Our propane cases with integrated compressors (R290) use a natural refrigerant with low global warming potential, making this option an environmentally-friendly choice.

Not only are these cases environmentally friendly, they are also efficient, reducing the carbon footprint of freezing equipment. The benefits of these products are numerous, including increased energy efficiency, quiet operation, significantly reduced heat generation and cost savings.

What’s more, our propane cases are quick and easy to install, allowing you to quickly benefit from their many advantages.

Save energy

Save money


Equipment refurbishment and reconditioning

Our refurbishing and reconditioning services give your used display cases a second life, without the cost of purchasing a new unit. In-store capping will give your environment a contemporary look. A refurbishment of a used display case can involve parts, structure, operation or various additions (shelves, LED lighting, night curtains, etc.). This refurbishment will give you the effect of a new unit without the price tag!

Refrigerated display case recycling

Dauphinais offers a refrigerated display case recycling service. You can drop off all types of refrigerated display cases at our factory in Sherbrooke.

We are also members of Sorac, the Société de récupération des appareils commerciaux. Sorac is a non-profit organization responsible for the recycling program for refrigeration and freezer appliances designed and intended for commercial or institutional use throughout Quebec. Help us reach the 2026 goal by responsibly recovering at least 35% of the province’s commercial refrigerators and freezers.


Areco’s nebulization technology preserves the freshness and organoleptic properties of food. This means you can keep your food fresher for longer, and reduce waste. Its continuous cold-steam system ensures better control of humidity and food homogeneity.

LEAP technology

What is Novum’s LEAP* technology?

LEAP technology is the most energy-efficient and easy-to-operate low-temperature commercial refrigeration technology on the global market.
LEAP was developed in partnership with and in response to the operational challenges of the world’s leading frozen food retailers.

How does it work?

From a technical point of view, the LEAP evaporator is located outside the food chamber. Air is then channeled and evenly distributed throughout the space to be cooled. Defrost cycles are very short (5-10 minutes) and widely spaced (1 time / 24h), and take place outside the food chamber.

Products are therefore always at a stable temperature and controlled humidity. This avoids the formation of ice in the space, which affects product integrity and requires frequent, costly maintenance.

Here are just a few of the benefits:

  • very low energy consumption;
  • environmentally-friendly natural refrigerant;
  • easy to install and maintain;
  • removable cassette, easy to repair;
  • protects product integrity;
  • extremely quiet.