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Our extensive inventory of refrigerated commercial display cases is available now. Fast delivery for your business – grocery, pastry, bakery, fish market, butcher shop, cheese shop!

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Because we care about our environmental impact, we offer a range of innovative, sustainable solutions to help us reduce our ecological footprint.

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With over 40 years of industry know-how, Dauphinais offers a complete range of products and services. Here are some of our services.

of display cases

Our refurbishing and reconditioning services give your used display cases a second life, without the cost of purchasing a new unit.

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Sales of Parts and Repairs

We offer a complete inventory of parts, available in many colors, models and sizes. Our technicians on the road are available to replace your parts and repair your display cases.

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Nebulization high performance

In collaboration with Areco, Dauphinais offers an innovative and natural solution for keeping perishable foods fresher and reducing food waste: nebulization.

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Your installations allow the use of a remote compressor? Our range of products will allow you to optimize the loading capacity and visibility of your products.


A winning, easy-to-install, energy-efficient and quiet solution that is ideal for smaller stores that don’t have the infrastructure to accommodate an external compressor.

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