Nebulization :
The most advanced natural process for maintaining the quality of your fresh products.

The water is treated beforehand by a comprehensive filtration system and the water droplets fragmented by way of ultrasonic vibrations to form a cool vapor (95% of the droplets are of a diameter inferior to 5µm) which hydrates and highlights the quality of your products. This approach maintains a fresh and humid environment for your products and makes them more attractive to the eye of the consumer.

All hygienic measures surpass recommendations and regulations in effect today. Moreover, the system uses no chemical additives (ozone, peracetic acid, etc.).

The end result is products of incomparable freshness and quality thanks to a natural and technological solution, all with an eye to respecting the environment.




The benefits of ARECO nebulization that make a difference

  • Innovative and exclusive technology;
  • Patented, exclusive mist-generating system;
  • Adjustable mist cycle and intensity;
  • Wide range of exclusive distribution that can be integrated to any type of furniture model, existing or new;
  • High-performance technology allowing for maximum energy and water savings;
  • 100% guaranteed health safety;
  • Six levels of filtration including reversed osmosis, UV filtering, and Thermosure® thermal shock;
  • Allianz-insured against the risk of legionella for the entire range;
  • No added chemical products, no water retention, automatic drainage;
  • Guaranteed professional maintenance.

The ideal solution for all your fresh food aisles

The ARECO® nebulization technology guarantees the following results:

  • An ideal level of humidity thanks to the fine mist of water droplets;
  • Perfect health safety: a 9-level specific filtration system and full compliance to existing regulatory standards;
  • An ecological and economic system: silent, with no added chemical agents, and low energy consumption;
  • Flexibility: our nebulization technology adapts to your furniture model or place of business and for any and all applications (vegetables, seafood, traditional furniture, walk-in freezers or cold rooms, etc.).


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